the Mackinac Bridge on caffeine




4 thoughts on “the Mackinac Bridge on caffeine

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    So, who was the photographer of this picture?

    • Heather says:

      I, your clearly NON-professional photographer sister, must confess that I snapped that pic. I tried all of the regular camera settings but could not convince my camera to take a clear picture of the bridge at night. There must be some manual setting that would entice the camera to behave (at long distances in darkness), but I didn’t know how to manipulate it:) I knew I should have taken along the camera manual, but it’s big and I was trying to pack lightly!

      • Aunt Bianca says:

        I guess that’s the trade-off you get with your fancy camera…not always easily find-able settings without the manual. (Applause to you for packing lightly!) I really thought this was a picture taken by Becca, and that she did her typical “artsy” view of something. It was pretty as it is, but yes, it must have been frustrating to not get a clear picture to come out. Just think of back when we only had 35MM film…you couldn’t have KNOWN the picture was this way until days later!

      • Heather says:

        You’re right! We’re spoiled in a way with the instant replay view of modern digital cameras. It’s also funny to think that just a decade ago I would have probably restricted myself to a roll or two of film in the old 35mm. Just 24-48 pics instead of literally hundreds I snapped from this trip!

        Today I figured out how to manually decrease the shutter time of my camera. The next time we visit the Mackinac Bridge at night, I’ll be ready! I hope?

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