target practice


Dad spent $21 to restring an old bow, hoping this one would be powerful enough for Rebecca to hunt with. Dad’s bow is too large, and the other bows we’ve been given do not have a high enough draw weight for hunting. Unfortunately, even with the new string, this old recurve bow doesn’t have the oomph for hunting. According to Becca and Dad, it doesn’t even have enough oomph for target practice.


Rebecca was disappointed. Guess she’ll be just watching again this year. We wish we had the money to buy an appropriately-sized compound bow for her, but TKD and her new violin (to be posted soon) have taken precedence in our budget. Maybe next year we can pursue the hunting bow in addition to the violin bow?




3 thoughts on “target practice

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    So…how much is a bow? Is this something she should have on her Christmas list (at least to accept contributions towards the purchase)? Inquiring Aunts want to know!

    • Heather says:

      According to Terry, a proper compound bow (for hunting rather than just target practice) would start at $250. If we haven’t found a second-hand option by Christmas time, you’re right that we (whole family effort) could pool our gift money to buy one 🙂 Thanks for inquiring 🙂

  2. Dad says:

    I have a line on a couple options right now. Need to investigate them. She will need some significant practice before she can hunt with the bow. I am also looking for a smaller firearm that she could use. I may have found one to borrow, but need to look into it more.

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