road trip


I’m not sure why I don’t have any photos of our family members from this road trip—only snapshots through my dirty windshield. Anyway, we drove downstate to initiate rental of a violin for Rebecca, as she’ll be starting lessons soon!


After picking up the violin in Ann Arbor, we stopped at various other stores that we can’t find in mid-Michigan.

Tacos & burritos @ Chipotle. Delicious!

2 dresses on sale/clearance for Rebecca @ Land’s End.

Drooling over mega-expensive camo clothes and archery bows @ Cabela’s in Dundee.

Model airplane tires and craft knife @ hobby shop.

Healthy Feingold-approved groceries @ Whole Foods Market & Trader Joe’s.

On our way back home, we noticed that rain had passed through the area, revealing those majestic beams of sunshine.


We programmed Gypsy (our GPS) to route us through Lansing for supper, but she neglected to account for the trains.

2 separate trains traveling in opposite directions.


Usually we just wait for trains to pass, but one of these trains entirely stopped. We are accustomed to trains passing through mid-Michigan, but they seldom block traffic for long. I wonder how often this scenario happens in Lansing. Probably frequently. Many of the waiting automobiles, including ours, turned around and sought an alternate route.


As we drove parallel to the tracks, seeking a way around the train, we saw this strange phenomenon. Huh?

No wonder dh dislikes MSU. This campus is odd!


Finally, Terry found a path under the train


so we could eat the yummy burgers and fries @ Five Guys:)



2 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Kristine says:

    BEAUTIFUL pics of the sky!!! What a fun day, Chipotle . . . AND Five Guys? LOL.

    • Heather says:

      Chipotle was MY pick, of course:)

      Our kids especially enjoy Five Guys because their fries are made without artificial ingredients. Only there and @ Wendy’s (of the restaurants available in our state) can our kids eat fries without a reaction. That’s why Five Guys is such a big deal to our Feingold-following family. Have you ever eaten there? I usually don’t eat burgers, but even I like the Five Guys burgers.

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