along Grand Traverse Bay


My sister and her husband graciously whisked Christian and Rebecca away for a weekend of camping and amusement parks, so Terry and I seized the opportunity to escape!


After driving north a few hours, we stopped in Traverse City for lunch. Terry selected the North Peak Brewing Company where he enjoyed a hand-crafted beer and a huge “Peak Burger.” My Herbed Fish and Chips (Great Lakes walleye) was delicious.


I didn’t take my camera inside the restaurant but couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of the building’s exterior. The North Peak Brewing Company is housed in this lovely old brick building which was originally the Big Daylight Candy Factory.



The Grand Traverse area is well-known for growing cherries. We passed numerous orchards on our drive still further north. Stay tuned for more pics from our escape.



2 thoughts on “along Grand Traverse Bay

  1. Kristine says:

    1. Such a blessing to have your sil/bil next door!
    2. I’d choose the fish and chips too!
    3. Cherries, mmmmm!

    What a FUN date!

    • Heather says:

      Kristine, you’re right about the family neighbor blessing…we’ve exchanged raisins and zucchini already:)
      It was my sister from downstate who took the children on an adventure, though. But your comment has reminded me that sil/bil have offered to keep the kids if we wanna go out again. Hmmm—we should start planning for that!

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