the cottage parade


Rumors foretold an unusual sort of parade. Wildflowers adorned the route. Rebecca and I strolled to the end of our driveway for an excellent vantage point.


It’s coming!


Only 3 entrants in this elite procession. Uncle Ron led with flashers blazing the way.


Gracefully waving from his tractor whilst towing the “cottage” was Papa. Grandma closed the show in her stately Buick.


The cottage parade route covered nearly 7 miles of countryside. I imagine the local marching bands were glad their presence was not required for such an extended distance.


Firetrucks and sirens were not involved.  [gratefully!!!]  No candy was tossed.


These parade attendees enjoyed the festivities.


Mr. Bee droned in oblivion.


The cottage parade rounded the corner and eventually faded from view.

P.S. Local visitors may recognize the “cottage” from it’s former location in the Leininger yard:) It has since been installed behind our parents’ home. Grandma (my mom) anticipates utilizing the “cottage” as an insect-free haven in which she may relax and enjoy nature.



2 thoughts on “the cottage parade

  1. Lavonne says:

    What a fantastic post!! I laughed a few times reading it. The photos of the Queen Anne’s Lace are beautiful. Don’t faint with surprise that I am commenting on your blog. There, I did it!!

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