measure before you buy A.K.A. giveaways


Nearly 10 years ago, soon after we moved into this house, I bought this neat laundry rack on sale. I had neglected to measure my tiny laundry area, which conveniently doubles as a mudroom and the sole passageway to our garage as well as our backyard. The neat laundry rack did not fit nicely. Don’t ask me why I didn’t return it to the store. I have no idea. The neat laundry rack was shoved around the house for several years. For the majority of the past decade, it sat in our basement doing nothing. It’s time for the neat laundry rack to move along. If any of my local family or friends wish to adopt the neat laundry rack, please email me. I’m sure we can figure out how to disassemble the thing and place it gently into your vehicle. For free.

[If you wish to measure before you buy adopt, I think it’s like this one but with black mesh bags instead. I am washing the sorter bags now. I assumed that none of my friends or family wished to adopt the spiders living therein.]

UPDATE: The neglected laundry rack has been adopted! Hurray!


A friend gave us this pair of bar stools. Her sister had given them to her. The bar stools didn’t match the decor in any of our houses. We used them anyway–for about 7 years. I’m tired of looking at bar stools that I have never liked. I recently decided that I’d rather have no bar stools at all. If they match your decor, or if you wish to sit upon them despite the fact that they don’t match your decor, please take them. For free.

If I don’t hear from one of you within a week, the pair of bar stools will be Freecycled or Goodwilled.


I’m sorry to report that these girls are not available for adoption. They were present during the giveaway photo-shoot, so I was forced to include them in this post.




One thought on “measure before you buy A.K.A. giveaways

  1. Cynthia says:

    I bet it feels really good to be getting rid of some things! If it ever warms up around here, I have a whole pile of stuff to get out of dh’s shop this summer! It’s amazing how fast that stuff accumulates and multiplies!

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