Cause for Immediate Dismissal


This Little Red School House stands near the school buildings where Terry and I spent most of our K-12 years. If I did not home-educate our children, Christian and Rebecca would be spending the majority of their time on these same grounds.


Rebecca barely fit in the antique school desk. Christian wouldn’t even attempt it. Guess that’s why older boys typically stopped attending school around 8th grade. Their legs simply didn’t fit under the desks anymore:)


This dubious list of Rules for Teachers is likely just a modern mockery of old-fashioned ethics, however it warrants a chuckle at least.

  • As my skirts are often either slit or hemmed to expose my ankles, I should be immediately dismissed.
  • My marriage or other unseemly behavior would be a second reason for my dismissal.
  • Finally, although I have not officially joined a Feminist Movement, such as the Suffragettes, I imagine that my voting record would seal my fate.



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