Eva and Marie’s Handmade Jewelry


My cousins and their friend have been creating and selling handmade jewelry. We visited their booth at a local craft sale. Pictured here are daughter Rebecca, cousin Jeanni, and friend Caitlyn.


Their business is delightfully titled Eva and Marie’s. You may purchase their lovely designs through either of two internet storefronts: evaandmaries.weebly.com and Etsy.


All of Eva and Marie’s handmade jewelry is unique and one-of-a-kind!


My sister, Bianca, stopped by to purchase some more pretties.


Bianca is an accountant at a hospital downstate. She has purchased several beaded lanyards to hold her hospital ID.


Jeanni was working the morning shift at the craft booth, while my other cousin, Jenae, would arrive later for the afternoon shift.


I’m sorry, Jeanni & Caitlyn, that you’re fuzzy here. I guess my camera decided to focus on Christian and Rebecca for this pic. I’m still adjusting to the quirks of this lens.



One thought on “Eva and Marie’s Handmade Jewelry

  1. Jeanni says:

    Awe this is so cute it’s like a look back on a very important memory of mine. It was really fun and I’m glad you guys stopped by to enjoy the time together. Looking forward to Memorial weekend! See you guys soon.

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