track & field practice


Our last few weeks have been busy with track & field practice. Some friends of ours organized a Track & Field Team for local homeschoolers! Christian surprised us by selecting the mile-long event!


Rebecca has always enjoyed running. She prefers shorter sprints such as the 100m.



Christian attempted hurdles and quickly decided against them.


Rebecca liked the hurdles, but will need much more practice before she’ll compete:)


Both children plan to compete in the shotput event.


The Quicksilver Track & Field Team gathered for a scrimmage against a local private school. The private school chickened out because our team looked so athletic! [Truthfully, I think it was a scheduling conflict that caused their cancellation.]

Another competition was cancelled due to snow and freezing rain (AFTER we had driven an hour to that school—GRRR).

Terry will drive the children to another practice tonight. Hopefully, they’ll be able to participate in a real meet soon.

4.10.11 & 4.21.11


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