Dinosaur Ridge


My dear bloggy friend, Kristine, recommended Dinosaur Ridge in her personalized Colorado travel brochure for geeky homeschoolers:)


Dinosaur Ridge is located 14 miles west of downtown Denver. Our visit cost nothing, but there are fees for entering the visitor center and/or riding the shuttle bus.


Glorious sun finally began to shine as we walked up the trail.


These were hills/mountains parallel to Dinosaur Ridge.


What is the historical significance of this site? – In 1937 the City and County of Denver built Alameda Parkway as the main route to Red Rocks Park. The construction exposed dinosaur tracks, but for many years geologists and members of the public observed them without studying them in detail. In 1983, the area now named as Dinosaur Ridge was designated as a National Landmark to preserve its fossil bones and tracks.


Today, after an expansion of the main site in 1994, over 300 tracks have been identified. Of those at least half are periodically colored using charcoal by Dinosaur Ridge volunteers to help visitors see the tracks in the sandstone.


Of course, Christian and Rebecca wished that they had been allowed to climb the rock face.


Bars and fences protected the prints from their trampling, however.


I should have snapped close-up photographs of the small signs identifying which dinosaurs created which prints. Oops.


We were in the shadow of the ridge, and the weather was still quite chilly.


Time to hike back down to the vehicle.


The Lego store isn’t far away!!!


Thanks, Kristine, for your recommendation!


Note: We enjoyed our short, free visit. By hiking the trail ourselves instead of utilizing the visitor’s center and shuttle bus tour, we avoided most of the evolutionary assumptions which appear prominent in Dinosaur Ridge materials. We brought along several dinosaur books from home to help us focus on our Lord’s creation of the dinosaurs instead:)


4 thoughts on “Dinosaur Ridge

  1. Laura in MO says:

    I am thinking Kristine might just have a future ahead of her as the author of geeky homeschool travel brochures!! 🙂 I know I would buy one!

    I have enjoyed all of your trip posts. Looks like you had so much fun!

    • Heather says:

      Thanks for your comments, Laura. Yes, we enjoyed our quick trip!

      I think Kristine should stop looking for a different job and instead publish geeky homeschool travel brochures from the comfort of her own home:)

  2. Kristine says:

    How funny, I moved to Denver, just south of these tracks, in 1983 when they were designated (but I didn’t know that until reading your post!). That third pic from the bottom, that’s where we used to just drive and stop to look at the tracks. No fence, certainly no bench. We took Holly there in 1998 to walk around. By then, there was a parking lot and walking paths, I think from up above. No center for anything, just small plaques. I was hugely pregnant, big as a house, and I can remember because Holly was 3.5 when she took the photo of me and Robert, and from her/camera’s viewpoint, I’m sure I looked even more huge!

    Great memories for me with this post, Heather!

    And yes, I’ll take that job, at least on a volunteer basis, haha!

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