mission: transport


Our Colorado vacation was not only a vacation. Our mission was to assist Terry’s sister (Janet), her husband (Ron), and his parents (Bob & Jackie) in their move to Michigan. Jackie has medical conditions that make a 21+-hour drive unpleasant. So, Bob & Jackie flew back to Michigan. We flew to Colorado in order to drive their Kia Sedona back to Michigan. We jumped at the chance to see Colorado, if only briefly, at a discounted cost! Janet and co. paid for part of our airfare and for the return trip fuel. They also graciously allowed us to stay in their fully-finished basement, so we didn’t need to pay for a hotel while we were in Colorado Springs.

As you have seen in my earlier posts, the weather we experienced was not ideal. I told Terry that he’ll need to take me back to Colorado another time! Fortunately, the snow only fell briefly. It was not enough to make our return trip dangerous.


Ron and Janet had packed most of their belongings before we arrived. Of course, several televisions and a wii were left unpacked until the last moment:) When we were not sight-seeing or loading the U-Haul, Christian and Rebecca enjoyed gaming from the comfort of an air mattress!


Rebecca discovered that the basement window sill was the perfect height for a ballet barre. She practiced some ballet movements before bed one evening.

3.6.11 & 3.7.11


One thought on “mission: transport

  1. Kristine says:

    How thoughtful that they kept out the tv and Wii for the children to play with!

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