the case of the missing driveway


Weather forecasters had warned of a huge snowstorm for 3 days, so Terry figured that his little red Focus would not be suitable for the predicted foot of snow. With his big, old truck, he left the house nearly an hour early in preparation for a nasty drive. Snowdrifts topping the hood of his full-size 4×4 cut that drive short. Terry trudged back to the house. [Thankfully he had taken his boots and big coat along to avoid the ruination of his work shoes!]. After several emails to coworkers, Terry climbed back in bed. This was our view at daybreak with snow still falling.


A few hours later. I seem to remember a driveway there last night. Where did it go?


Terry estimated that we received between a foot and 18 inches of snow. Usually 4wd vehicles can drive through that without trouble, but 30+ mph winds had morphed the snow into strange formations.


Sometime mid-morning, snow finally abated. The sun shone! Papa’s handy-dandy tractor tugged the truck from its white cocoon. An hour or so of mighty snow-blowing partially uncovered the missing driveway.


These photos are misleading as the snow piles don’t look very deep. The snow blower attachment on Papa’s tractor obviously throws snow, but it’s unable to scrape the snow from the driveway. There’s a whole lotta snow under those tread marks.


Several businesses and schools, including a state university, were closed Wednesday. The president of Terry’s company closed down operations for the day since only a few people arrived for work. All of the surrounding K-12 schools around us were closed for the rest of the week. Our Thursday morning homeschool co-op was cancelled. The county road commission points to budgetary cuts that have reduced their ability to clear our rural roads quickly.


Expedition Academy forged ahead. I’d rather have days off in 80* weather! Wouldn’t you?



3 thoughts on “the case of the missing driveway

  1. Kristine says:

    I am always surprised by your lovely blue skies, even in the throes of winter!

    And yes, I like the 80 degree days off. 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    YES! I agree 100%. No snow days here! We’d much rather sit by the fire and tackle a fair amount of school work on a blizzardy day like that and save the nonschool days for NICE weather! That’s a BUNCH of snow 🙂

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