Do I HAVE to?


Often at Expedition Academy, students are graciously allowed to select their reading from our carefully stocked history bucket. I’ve witnessed demands of “It’s MY turn to read THAT book.” Battles have indeed been waged over history bucket books.

Occasionally, however, a book from our history bucket appears dull and boring to these dear, sweet children. Although it’s true that some books appearing dull and boring are in fact dull and boring inside, I’ve found sparkling jewels (or at least intriguing Petoskey stones) hiding in ugly covers. In instances of the latter, I, the teacher will officially assign certain titles.


The book pictured here in Christian’s hands was one that neither student desired to read. Grumble. Grumble.

Teacher:  “Christian, find a place to stop. It’s time to move on to your other schoolwork.”

Christian:  “I’m almost done. I wanna finish it.”


Golden:  “Won’t my master come and play soon?”



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