floating bookcases


I’ve heard that many people travel over the holidays to visit family. When most of your family lives within an hour of each other, extensive traveling is not necessary. Instead, our geeky family (well, the children and I) spent some time at a library:)

We learned that a university library is an excellent place to visit during the holiday season. There were probably less than a dozen people (including us) in this 4-story building. Way down there at the front desk, poor Emily (a home school graduate) had relatively nothing to do.


In this magical place, bookcases float!

Here, Rebecca was preparing to dart down the widening aisle in search of a desired book.


There were no floating bookcases when I trod this same library years ago. The entire building was redesigned and enormously expanded shortly after my graduation. Could it really have been 15 years ago?!?!


Adding to the magic are these Narnian lampposts! But why are they not shining?


Although Rebecca appears dim here, it’s only the fault of my phone camera. She’s certainly not dim-witted. She borrowed several cheetah books.


Christian was pleased to locate books on fractal geometry, c#, and xtml.


Rebecca remarked that she’d enjoy sliding down that sloped wall pictured here on the right side of the building. Fortunately, I persuaded her that she ought not try it during this trip at least.

I [not pictured] discovered many books to assist in our studies of Ancient Egypt and Greece. Likely because this university was born as a school for teachers, the library holds some excellent classic resources.

Oh–I should explain that I applied for and received a free guest card at the 2nd floor circulation desk. All I needed was my drivers’ license.

A terrific holiday vacation destination!



6 thoughts on “floating bookcases

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    What an exciting glimpse of the updated library that I utilized just a mere 11 years ago! Although I think they had started the remodeling in 2000 when I graduated, it certainly was not even close to done. I’m so excited that you are able to get a free guest card to utilize this resource.

    • Heather says:

      Yes, Bianca, the updated library is an overwhelming improvement over the dark, depressing, crowded space it was before!

      I forgot to capture a photo of the circular windows on the north and south ends of the building. Rebecca especially admired those. You can see them even as you drive by.

  2. Kylee says:

    ahhh, the library. it’s like a harbor full of frigates. (See Emily Dickinson.)

  3. robotinventor says:


  4. Cynthia says:

    NICE! I wish we had such a library within driving distance 🙂

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