joyously draw water


Our school days don’t typically begin with a trip to the basement electrical box.


Nor by examining the water tank gauge.


I much prefer to begin the school day with a shower, but it’s tricky to wash without water.

I GoogleChatted my dear husband, who had showered earlier when water still flowed freely.

me: i’m sorry to bother you, but…
what’s the first thing i should try if we have no water coming to the toilet or faucet?
Terry: um…. The breaker in the basement
me: what would i do if i found the breaker in the basement?
will i find something labeled water pump?
Terry: flip the switch on the breaker to the off position and then back on.
It should be labeled on the piece of paper.
It is toward the top of the box on the left side.
me: if i flipped the correct switch, nothing changed…
Terry: um, the next thing I would do is see if there is water coming from the pump. To do that…

me: gauge is at 0; no water coming from any faucets down there
Terry: well, thats not good
ok. I will call dad and ask him to look at it.

Keep in mind–Terry works an hour away from our waterless abode. Thankfully, Papa lives around the corner.

Papa examined some electrical doodahs. After I logged 27 trips from the electrical doodahs in the basement to my computer in the loft, Terry phoned the “well man.” I examined the checking account.

Papa kindly brought a jug of drinking water (not pictured).


He also brought some spare kitty litter for us to use in the bathroom.
Just kidding! The kitty litter jug is actually filled with water we used to flush the toilet:)


Terry rescheduled a meeting at work and arrived home just in time for the pow-wow. Half an hour later I held the following receipt:


The verdict:

1 eroded pipe = $28 parts + $125 labor = $153

Praise God that ONLY a pipe was broken. Praise God that we didn’t need to dip into our emergency fund to resolve this emergency. I’m grateful that the “well men” were able to be here within a few hours. We are thankful for wise family members who check electrical doodahs and haul kitty litter water. I’m also grateful for people who invented and produced hand sanitizer.

Ultimately, I praise God for blessing us with the luxury of indoor plumbing. My afternoon shower was truly a joyous occasion!

Therefore you will joyously draw water
From the springs of salvation.

Isaiah 12:3


2 thoughts on “joyously draw water

  1. Cynthia says:

    At first when I glanced at that reciept I thought it was $2585.. and I was going to say OUCH! Glad it was a fairly minor problem :).

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