first snow frolic


“Come on, bud. Let’s put you on your run. You’ll have fun out there! You’ll be the first one of our family to play in the snow this year.”

Such were Christian’s words to Golden as they woke to our first accumulated snow.


“I’d forgotten about this stuff.”




“What IS this?”


“I will defend my family from the evil snow monster!”


“Um. MASTER! Come help me. I’m stuck!”


“See–it’s the end of this run line. I can’t budge it!”


“Can you fix it, please, Master?”


“Thanks, Master. You’re the best!”


2 thoughts on “first snow frolic

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    Awwww… Thanks for sharing the saga of Golden’s first snow experience this year. Animals are so expressive!
    If I hadn’t needed to get back to Lansing to shop, Mom was going to have me supervise Jasmine and Socks being out for the first time in snow this year. Last year Jasmine acted pretty prissy being out in the first snow of the year…”Mom, I’m getting my feet and legs cold in this white stuff! Why isn’t it dry and warm like normal?”

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