farewell, faithful planets


After several years of faithful service, our planets were decommissioned. You’ll learn why in my next post.

Oh, I should clarify that our moon and the pesky asteroid belt also retired.

In case you were counting and recounting planets in a puzzled manner, I should divulge that Mars has been missing for some time. A gust of wind blew Mars out of orbit and Golden added a few too many craters for display purposes here. In addition, Christian, our resident astronomer, claims that Pluto is still a legal planet. He also fashioned Planet X that is visible near the stairway railing to the right. Just so you know.

waaaaaay late, I know
but it’s my blog,
and I can post it anyway

One thought on “farewell, faithful planets

  1. Kristine says:

    Hah, I saw this earlier in the week but hadn’t noticed the kids’ heads poking up until now!

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