Opening day


of firearm deer season means an early breakfast. Rebecca voluntarily set her alarm for 5:45 and was dressed soon thereafter. Nara appeared confused to see her hurrying through her cereal more quickly than normal. Again, I must make note that Rebecca elected to join Dad this morning. I rose to see them off. Deep in slumber were Christian and Golden.


Our hunters left the house around 6:30 with all their equipment. Dad carried his rifle, ammo, and coffee. Rebecca carried a blanket and pillow. Not to sleep, but to keep warm AND boost her tiny self. Without the pillow under her rear end, she wouldn’t be able to peer out of the windows in Dad’s blind:)


It was still dark when they drove out back. Terry’s blind is located about 600 yards east of our house on his family’s land.


They remained in the blind until mid-morning despite a disappointing lack of bucks. In a more well-traveled area, Papa shot a 3-point from his blind. Rebecca bravely watched while Dad gutted that deer. Aren’t you proud of her?!

While the rest of us left for TKD class, Terry hunted for several more hours in the afternoon and evening. Still only does and youngsters.

Our hunters have hopes for better traffic tomorrow morning. Early to bed!


One thought on “Opening day

  1. Kristine says:

    They can come here! We’ve seen even more than the usual deer road kill as the bucks are chasing after every/any female. Ugh.

    GOOD for Rebecca! *I* am proud of her!!!

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