a ground floor balcony?


Following our 3-hour Pictured Rocks boat tour (which my husband had kindly noted was the advertised length of Gilligan’s fateful trip), we ate a quick supper and drove along Munising Bay to our hotel.


From our “balcony” we noted cloud-covered skies, and were grateful that the tractor parade did not further delay our travel. We had barely arrived at the Munising Dock in time for the afternoon tour. I felt compassion for any poor souls who embarked upon the “sunset” trip, as it was sadly sunless.


Our hotel room was described as a “Lakeview with 2 queen beds, balcony w/ table and chairs, TV, coffee, great view of Grand Island!” Never before have I seen a ground floor balcony. That portion of our stay was slightly confusing.

As was the discovery that Holiday Inn intends 3 bath towels and 3 washcloths to satisfy the needs of 4 guests. The front desk clerk obligingly handed me the 4th towel and washcloth with a cheerful explanation that 3 towels meet chain policy regardless of the number of guests indicated with the reservation. How enlightening!


After claiming that 4th towel, I climbed into bed:) A few moments of relative quiet chased my headache away. Meanwhile, from a steamy hot tub, Terry valiantly supervised our dc in the hotel pool. Christian (although not pictured) reported the pool was “optime!



One thought on “a ground floor balcony?

  1. Cynthia says:

    I’d be disappointed by the “balcony” as well… as I like to be up higher off from the ground when enjoying the view from a “balcony.”

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