Goin’ to the Chapel…


Our Pictured Rocks Cruiseboat Captain expertly piloted the boat into this cavern called Chapel Cove.


I forgot to snap a photo of our vessel at the dock, but for size reference you can see several boats here on the tour company website.


There was so little clearance that we could have reached out to touch the cove walls.


After a few minutes’ pause in the cove, our captain reversed the boat and backed out.


We were in there!


Chapel Rock

One of the National Lakeshore’s iconic images is a lone white pine growing on top of a sandstone block, supported by three rock pillars. A sandstone arch, which once connected the pedestal-like rock formation to the mainland, supported the tree’s roots. The arch collapsed in the 1940s, leaving the tree’s only root system suspended in midair. The roots, nevertheless, continue to provide the tree with enough moisture and nutrients to survive its lone existence.   —The Lakeshore Guardian



No, we’re not planning to announce Christian’s visit to the chapel of love anytime soon. But I have the Dixie Cups song in my head now. I think my mom had that song on a 45 rpm record:)



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