A few weeks ago, our family had the opportunity to be lumberjacks for a day.


Strong winds knocked over a willow tree in our parents’ yard.


Amazingly, pine trees caught the old willow, preventing it from falling onto their car! Thank the Lord!


A tangled, leaning mass remained.

Before the family could gather to assist, my mom (sadly not pictured) chainsawed and hauled away a load of outer branches by herself!


Papa had spinal surgery only weeks before, and lumberjacking was clearly not on his list of approved activities. He was frustrated that he couldn’t cut down his own tree! Instead, he supervised while the rest of the family used his chainsaws and tractors.


Whenever we weren’t busy loading the trailer with branches, Rebecca nimbly perched on tractors or trucks.


We stepped back while Terry cut through the main trunk. Since the top portion of the willow was still supported by the pine tree, we weren’t certain how the TIMMMMBERRRRR would fall.


No one was injured as the willow mostly behaved. Much of the process was not captured on film, as we were busily moving branches as soon as they were freed.


With tractors and chains most of the stump and its roots were evicted. Whew!

P.S. Please excuse the low-grade photography. These images were all from my wimpy 2 megapixel cell phone.



One thought on “lumberjacks

  1. Cynthia says:

    So glad it didn’t fall on the car!

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