Hospital Holdups or An Anecdote of Abused Alliteration


In August we traveled twice to Troy.

Papa [not pictured] had spinal surgery at the Beaumont Hospital, which is nearly 3 hours from our home.


We waited with Grandma [also not pictured] during part of the 3-hour-procedure. I should have taken a photograph of the children playing a Memory card game with Grandma! In lieu of the missing Memory game scene, the excitement of watching Rebecca play her DS next to medical machinery must suffice.

Thankfully, Papa’s surgery was completed successfully! We’re grateful for his caring and competent doctor and staff.


In between hospital visits, we purchased a stack of  spellbinding books from a Borders Bookstore. One of Christian’s choices was a neat knot-tying kit.


He practiced various styles of knots for different purposes. If Christian becomes bored as an engineer, perhaps he can secure employment as a sailor?


We stayed overnight with Grandma in a hotel, where children hovered in a heated, indoor pool.


Around suppertime is an excellent time to swim. We enjoyed the empty pool.


On a side note: please join me in praying for Christian’s future wife. His bony elbows and knees transform into wicked weapons in a double bed! I suffered several bruises!


We became fairly familiar with the parking garage.


Our children were entranced by a fun (and expensive!) fidget toy in the hospital gift shop. Have you heard of Buckyballs? I suspect that these Buckyballs will grace Christmas wish lists this year.

We praise God that Papa was well enough to return home after the anticipated 3 days of recovery. And we’re glad that we don’t need to drive in Troy traffic very often.


One thought on “Hospital Holdups or An Anecdote of Abused Alliteration

  1. Cynthia says:

    Glad the surgery was successful.

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