how to spend $1378.63 on your dog in one week


  • allow dog to chew on yummy old socks and rope toys
  • clean vomit from carpet
  • repeat
  • realize the dog is keeping no food or water down
  • escort dog to veterinary clinic
  • learn about canine i.v., barium tests, radiographs
  • pray through exploratory surgery
  • reassure your children through the 4-day vet stay
  • imagine the mounting veterinary bill
  • view fibrous material that had blocked intestines
  • pledge to burn all old socks
  • insist that rope toys padlocked when not being tugged
  • gently hoist the 80+ pound dog into your vehicle
  • dress him in a stylish Elizabethan collar
  • read “Canine Hospitalization Intensive Care”
  • wonder how stitches and staples will stay in place
  • learn to make an antibiotic-pill-meatball
  • purchase new Nylabone to replace old, free chew toys
  • supervise dog constantly until sutures are removed
  • recall days of infant care
  • praise God that you’ve set aside vehicle replacement $
  • praise God that vehicles are still working
  • transfer vehicle replacement funds to pay veterinarian
  • pet dog

July 2010


3 thoughts on “how to spend $1378.63 on your dog in one week

  1. Kristine says:


    And praise God that Golden is fine. 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    UGH! Glad you had the funds in reserve and glad your dog is doing well.

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