FINAL post of our 9-day-marathon-vacation!


I thought I’d finally completed documenting Florida vacation photos with those mountain vistas. Wrong! How could I have forgotten the Lego store?


What an experience! Our children were delighted to encounter Lego bricks as far as the eye could see! Christian and Rebecca each filled a cup with assorted Legos of their choice. I’d much rather they spend souvenir money on Legos than some ridiculous Mickey Mouse ears!



After we arrived home, Christian built this creation using only his cupful of bricks from Orlando.



In this post, I’d also like to address a hilarious misconception illuminated by my dear bloggy friend, Kristine. On one of my multitudinous vacation blogposts, Kristine left the following comment:

Don’t you love taking pics at the beach?! My goodness, it seems like you’ve been on vacation for six weeks!!!!

I’m copying my reply here to ensure its proper visibility:

LOL–we were only gone for 9 days in April: 2 days driving down, 5 days of Florida warmth, 2 days back.

My belated, over-procrastinated postings just create the illusion of a lengthy vacation:) This way I can re-live the vacation for the longest time possible!

I’ve reached the end of my vacation pics, so I must now resign myself to normal life.

So, Kristine (& all bloggy readers), please rest assured that we are not independently-wealthy, long-term vacationers. This trip was our once-in-a-lifetime-9-day-marathon-splurge:) I have no clue how we fit all those activities into that relatively short time span. No wonder we were tired when we finished our vacation!


4 thoughts on “FINAL post of our 9-day-marathon-vacation!

  1. Kristine says:

    HILARIOUS!!!!!! Well, it seems like it was a lot more than 9 days!!!!!

    I’m such a dork. I kept wondering WHAT in the world did you do with your pets?

    Um, welcome home???!!

    • Heather says:

      You’re such a friendly dork, though, Kristine:)

      Our pets would probably have been disgruntled if we were gone for 6 weeks. I have no photos of our pets’ adventures for our vacation, but Golden was able to stay with a loving homeschool family in our absence. He was “put in his place” by their female Golden Retriever and Sheltie, but enjoyed batting at the R family’s rabbit cages. The R family allows their dogs on couches, so Golden was especially privileged that week! We anticipated a need for re-training afterward, but were surprised that Golden never tried to climb on our couch! Isn’t that interesting? Nara stayed at our home but was faithfully attended by Grandma and Grandpa, who even allowed her out for recess on several days! We were blessed by amazingly kind pet sitters!

      P.S. Thanks for the welcome home!

  2. Cynthia says:

    LOL! Glad you clarified that >VBG>! I’m sure people who read my blog must think I’m always on vacation, too. And, they probably wonder why on earth I’m posting about Europe in one entry and the East Coast on another entry…. at this point I’ve given up trying to blog them in any kind of order so I’ll just post whatever I feel like (LOL)…

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