radioactivity #π


Christian and Rebecca recently attended Summer Science Camps at our local university.


For 8 mornings, we actually woke on time and arrived on campus by 9 am!


Rebecca selected the CSI class:

Become a crime scene
investigator and learn how
forensic scientists solve crimes
using basic forensic techniques,
including how to identify
forgeries, analyze data, process
soil evidence, identify “human”
remains and much more.


Pictured above is the sketch of a crime scene Rebecca investigated.


Christian chose Explorations in Engineering & Web Design:

Explore engineering and
computer science through great
hands-on activities. Design,
build and crash test vehicles
on a test track. This could get
messy if your passenger cannot
withstand the impact! Then learn
the basics of designing your
very own website. Develop your
web page from photos and data
obtained from crash testing as
well as your other interests.


radioactivity #π was the name of Christian’s crash test vehicle.  Although a golf ball is featured in this photo, egg passengers were utilized in the actual impact tests:)


Can you tell that they enjoyed their geeky classes?



One thought on “radioactivity #π

  1. Cynthia says:

    The camp looks AWESOME

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