Cat Relocation


Over the past several weeks, 4 stray cats attempted to join our family.

They meowed loudly at windows,

clawed window screens,

cleared our 3 acres of rodents,

shredded trash in the garage,

taunted our dog,

angered our cat,

rubbed on our legs,

raided the compost pile,

and were nearly decapitated trying to dart through the house door.

Christian became attached to the black one he named Shadow.  The small orange one was Kipper.  Rebecca named the others Autumn and Calico.

We have compassion for stray animals.  We really do.  Our very own Nara cat was a stray whom we adopted.  But we couldn’t afford to host 4 additional animals (and their certain offspring).  We feared their fate at the overfull animal shelter.

Stay with me.  This feral tale has a happy ending.

I truly believe that God coordinated a fine home for our temporary guests.  For many years, Terry has bowled on a league with a dairy farmer named Steve.  After hearing of our predicament, Steve hired all 4 cats as rodent exterminators on his farm!  Hurray!


2 thoughts on “Cat Relocation

  1. Kristine says:

    Thank you, Steve, and praise God!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I just might have to steal your “rodent exteriminator” phrase. LOVE IT!

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