Pre-teen Remediation or the Air Zoo


Attention parents of pre-teen children.  Purchase this disobedience deterrent machine, and your children will be miraculously reformed!

Just kidding…

Christian and Rebecca actually begged to be strapped inside this Space Ball at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

The Space Ball uses gyroscopes to give guests a taste of how astronauts train and can be easily disoriented in space.


Another experience that they voluntarily repeated was the Zero G.

Feel the sensation of weightlessness (about 1/2 G) as you are dropped at random intervals from a height of two stories.


The Space Walk was another cherished activity.

Walk treads around the cylinder to change orientation, just like how astronauts learn to do complex tasks upside-down and sideways.


We visited the Air Zoo last year, but our children implored us to return.  Thankfully, the Air Zoo is offering FREE admission through the end of 2009!  I must caution you that free admission does not mean that every experience inside the museum is free.  Some of the “rides” require $2 tickets or you may purchase an unlimited ride pass for $12.95 per person.  For our family, this was still a relatively inexpensive day trip.


Magic Planet





Christian and Rebecca’s favorite ride was the Full-Motion Flight Simulator.  Be prepared to wait in line for at least a half an hour for this one.

Take the Controls of a Fighter Plane

The Air Zoo’s fleet of state-of-the art flight simulators will take you places you’ve never been. So get ready – you’re next.

Slide in and strap down. Get ready for a sortie in one of the most advanced full-motion flight simulators in the world, that is available to civilians. Here comes the heart pounding and quick breathing – in just a few seconds, this adventure will be literally in your hands.

Remember, you’re in control!
You can put your fighter through stomach-churning barrel rolls and hair-raising touchdowns on landing strips. Strafe the landscape with your machine guns.






We also spent hours viewing the aircraft collection.  Christian sought this Grumman Hellcat.  I’m not sure why, but Christian has been fascinated with the Hellcat over any other WWII fighter.  Perhaps he’ll comment on this blogpost and explain his interest?

Observant blog readers may notice our summer attire and the July date stamped below.  Yes, I’m that far behind.  You see, I take sooooooooooo many photographs during our vacations and expect myself to write detailed captions for those photos.  Now you know why it takes me forever to display our adventures!



4 thoughts on “Pre-teen Remediation or the Air Zoo

  1. Cynthia says:

    You have so many cool places to visit! We don’t have very many in close proximity to our home. Oh.. and I’m quite far behind as well…..

    • Heather says:

      Thanks for the comments, ladies!
      The Air Zoo is about 2 1/2 hours away from our house. Our kiddos sure wish it was closer:)

      Kristine, have you threatened Trevor with our Remediation machine?

      And, Cynthia, it’s especially encouraging to hear that you’re behind, too!

  2. Kristine says:

    I still think the Remediation machine has possibilities, lol! What an awesome field trip, how cool to have something like this nearby!

  3. De'Etta says:

    This looks so much like the aviation museum here in Misawa.

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