Picnicking in Grayling


We discovered this charming little park along the Au Sable? River in Grayling.

[on the way to our Hartwick Pines field trip]


Rebecca commented that the weather was certainly gray in Grayling.


Kaya also enjoyed the playground.


A train whistle alerted us.


On a completely irrelevant note, isn’t picnicking an odd word? It seems to me that throwing in a k is an absurd way to add an -ing. Since picnicing doesn’t quite work, though, I suppose the k is necessary.



2 thoughts on “Picnicking in Grayling

  1. Kristine says:

    Because I am odd enough to know this kind of stuff–picnic must have the K added when adding a suffice that begins with I or E–otherwise, the I or E would cause the C to make a soft sound. And you certainly would not want to go picni-ss-ing… I love to keep my ds captive during spelling by filling him with thoughts like this. Poor kid.

    Have I mentioned how much I love Rebecca’s new glasses? 🙂

    • Heather says:

      Kristine, thanks for the compliment aimed at Rebecca’s new glasses. I think she’s pretty cute wearing them, too:)

      And I knew the k was needed to prevent the ss-ing sound but I’d forgotten the i or e reason and was too lazy to investigate!! I commonly bless my dc with spelling or grammar rules, too. We’re soooooooo loving to share such lofty knowledge with our ungrateful offspring!

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