to the spazground–er–playground


This photograph is misleading on several levels.  Firstly, although Christian once aspired to be a locomotive engineer when he grew up, he has not actually acquired that profession.  Secondly, this photo implies a pleasant and relaxing playground visit.  Not so.

This photograph is more representative of our evening.


And this.


It took nearly a dozen clicks to capture this still pose with all faces aiming at the camera!


Golden kept lunging at cigarette butts and a dirty sock that litterers left.  Yuck.

Thirsty boy.


I’m not sure what photographic phenomenon occurred with Golden’s eye in this photo.  By this point, all were tired and ready to go to bed.



One thought on “to the spazground–er–playground

  1. Cynthia says:

    LOL… I remember the days of trying to take our dog anywhere when it was much younger. We finally gave up. Now she’s too old to go anywhere with us…

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