The Mackinac Bridge


Further documentation of our day trip on June 17th.

[A previous post may be found here, and still another should appear soon.]


I think this is Rebecca’s favorite place in our entire state.


Siblings walking side by side in peace.  Wow.


Can you see Mackinac Island in the distance?


Our children claimed that this truck was carrying giant ping-pong balls across the bridge:)  You might instead call them propane tanks.


Construction–glad I wasn’t driving.  Maintenance never stops on this 5-mile structure.


Notice the grates embedded in the bridge deck. Those grates are so squirrely to drive on.  I was again grateful that my dear husband was driving.


According to the Mackinac Bridge Authority, the Height of Main Towers above Water = 552 Ft.


Total Number of Steel Rivets on the Mackinac Bridge = 4,851,700.

Toll booths collect $3 per crossing–for a passenger car.


Fog appeared to encase the bridge upon our return. This perspective is from Bridge View Park on the north side.


The sun prepared to set as we crossed the bridge on our way home.


Remember those grates I mentioned above? I held my camera out the window to capture this photo. Please note that I DID NOT stick my head out the window.  It was just a blind shot.  When I uploaded this picture to my computer, I was amazed to see the tower pier faaarrrr below!


Another out-the-window-aiming-haphazardly photo.

Thanks for joining us on our Mackinac Bridge tour!  Stay tuned for our next exciting episode, which will divulge where we traveled in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!


7 thoughts on “The Mackinac Bridge

  1. Cynthia says:

    What don’t I know about that bridge? In the first picture it looks like it goes right down into the water????

    GREAT photos. And, wow! Love the new blog look. Of course, I liked the old blog look as well. I like the tone on tone look of this one and the bright cheery colors, but again, I liked the colors of the last one (LOL)!

    • Heather says:

      Now that you mention it, those pics DO look like the bridge just drops into the water:) I guess it’s because it’s sooooo long. But I promise—the bridge DOES connect to land on BOTH sides—LOL!

      Thanks for the compliments on the new look. The blue background of my old template made my water pictures washed out, so I switched to another WordPress template last night. I think the contrast is nice for our trip photos.

      BTW, I just noticed that your new blog look has arrived. Verrry nice. Those browns and yellows and blues are beautifully vibrant! And I enjoy the personality displayed in each family member in the header. Great choices, Cynthia!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Really? The bridge really doesn’t end right there in the water? That top picture sure looks like the bridge angles straight down into the water!

    Thanks for checking out my new blog look! I had too many changes to attempt them myself so I obviously had help, but I’m trying to do a few smaller changes here and there myself.

    I do really like the darker background you have now against your water photos! They look great.

  3. Mrs. C says:

    These pictures were fun to see. I have a friend who lives in the UP, but I’ve never been there. It’s fun to get a glimpse of it.

  4. Mrs. C says:

    After reading your other comments, I had to go back to look at the bridge. It really does look like it goes right into the water…lol.

  5. Kristine says:

    Awesome shots, Heather. I never knew the bridge was anything like this at all. Beautiful vertical shot of the clouds/sun, and the pic into the water was really cool too. 🙂 Fun trip!

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