Prayers and Artwork for Noah


We’ve not met this little boy named Noah Estes, but we’ve been praying for him and his family for over a year.  Precious 2-year-old Noah has a mitochondrial disease.

Noah’s mom, Kate, and I are members of a world-wide Yahoo Group entitled Support4HomeSchool.  That Yahoo group is where I first learned of Noah’s illness.  [The Estes family juggles Hands and Hearts, a homeschooling resource business, between Noah’s hospital admissions.]  The above photo was taken while Noah was in the hospital earlier this month.  Fortunately, he was able to return home last week.  You may click on Noah’s photo to visit their family blog, where updates on Noah’s health are posted.

The Estes family recently requested that prayer supporters send photos and artwork to cheer Noah.  Our resident artist, Rebecca, was glad to create the requested art:


A few words from the Estes family website:

We are so thankful for your prayers, love, and support, but we would like to ask you all to do one more thing.  Every so often we will get a package, gift, or card for Noah from one of you.  Sometimes you will include a picture of yourselves, your children, etc.  We always enjoy those pictures (Noah REALLY loves them) and put them on our fridge, but our fridge has quite run out of room!  We have a long hall in our home with a long blank wall, and we want to turn it into Noah’s Prayer Warrior Wall.  We’re going to hang a large wall map and surround it with the pictures that you have sent us.  We will mark the origin of each picture on the map.

If you want to score BIG, BIG points with Noah, it would be awesome to incorporate a zebra in the picture.  You could have a toy zebra, a picture of a zebra, a cake or cookie that looks like a zebra, again just be creative.  He would get a huge thrill out of finding all of the zebras in all of the pictures.  I don’t want creativity to keep you from doing this, and we would rather have a family snapshot from 6 months ago than no picture at all, but if your family enjoys getting creative then please have fun with this.  Lots of times children send Noah wonderful artwork (and we save every piece of it!) – if your child is sending a masterpiece maybe he or she could also hold that up in the picture so Noah can keep matching faces to art.  🙂  You could also hold up a note or message to Noah in your picture.


Rebecca located 2 toy zebras to pose with her zebra artwork.  Christian assisted with the clever zebra posing. We sent this photograph along with the artwork to South Carolina for Noah.

Please join us in prayer for Noah’s comfort, as well as strength for the entire Estes family.


2 thoughts on “Prayers and Artwork for Noah

  1. Kylee Johnson says:

    Yankin’ my heartstrings. Thanks for this post. Perhaps we’ll participate. Blessings to you today, Heather.


  2. Cynthia says:

    That’s SO SWEET!

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