Musical Folktales Concert


Our local library hosted a Musical Folktales concert last week.  Christian and Rebecca were privileged to play some unique instruments during the performance.


M’bira, (Em-be-rah) also, Sanza, (Zan-zah)
These “thumb pianos” are found throughout Africa in many forms and with many
names, i.e., sanza, kembe, insimbi, eleke, oopoochawa, and maduimba. The tunings, number of rattan or metal tongues and the sizes vary from region to region. These instruments are the predecessors to today’s American-made kalimba.


Dondo ~ talking drum


[I don’t know what these shaker-thingies were.]

Musical Folktales uses out of the ordinary musical instruments together with the imaginative talents of Audrey and Robert Allison to create interactive stories, beautiful music, and humor.

The Storytellers use instruments from around the world; rhumba box, m’bira keyboard, djembe, berimbau, udu, didgeridoo cuica, dondo, even steel drums to create Brazilian melodies, familiar American songs, Caribbean tunes, Australian melodies, original compositions and more to accompany their stories.

Note:  These storytellers were both talented and engaging.  Although the presentation was obviously developed for preschoolers, and our children were tempted to roll their eyes during some portions, the opportunity to hear [and play] these unique instruments was phenomenal.  Well-recommended.



One thought on “Musical Folktales Concert

  1. Cynthia says:

    Very interesting.

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