My Hair Twirler


From this blogpost title, you may have pictured Button.  If so, you were incorrect.  (Button is the hair chewer.)

Poor Circuit was feeling yucky again last weekend.  More sinusy and upper-respiratory junk.

Essentially since birth, hair-twirling has comforted Circuit.  I remember Circuit twirling my hair while he breastfed.  And even now, 11 years later, he’ll twirl his hair if he’s ill or especially tired.


2 thoughts on “My Hair Twirler

  1. Ah – praying he feels well soon. Our 7 year old has always rubbed my elbow from the time he was a young nurser….cracks me up that now when he is feeling yucky he’ll cuddle with me on the couch and rub my elbow. LOL

  2. Bianca says:

    Boy to I remember how darn cute it was when he twirled his hair while drinking milk from his sippy cup. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen him doing it though. Love that boy!

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