Where are you, Yankee Doodle?


If you’re not a family member, this long-winded post will probably bore you. It will probably still bore you if you are a family member. Feel free to skip it!


For some odd reason, my Uncle Bruce (see blue arrow) has always been goofy about names. As a child, I remember feeling angry because he called one of my dolls Gertrude when that was certainly NOT her name. [It’s funny that I don’t recall what the doll’s name truly was!]

Uncle Bruce nicknamed my son Chicken Legs.  Because Circuit has skinny legs???

In retaliation, Circuit started calling Uncle Bruce a Warthog.  Quite a fitting name, I believe.  Anyone who knows Uncle Bruce would probably agree <grin>.  However, Circuit told me of his decision that the nickname Warthog was too mean.  He cannot tell me exactly why he switched to calling Uncle Bruce a Yankee Doodle.  Well, we were learning about the Revolutionary War.  After reading about the Yankee Doodle song in several stories, it became one of Circuit’s favorite songs.  Weird—I know!  If you are around Circuit for very long, you’ll eventually hear him singing the Yankee Doodle song—mixed in with thousands of odd boy-sounds, of course.


Anyway, Uncle Bruce / Yankee Doodle is an avid biker. Lest you envision the incorrect type of bike, I must clarify. Our Yankee Doodle rides the human-powered kind. More specifically, a recumbent bike.


not Yankee Doodle’s actual bike

I’m finally getting to the point of my blogpost title…

Yankee Doodle set off on an adventure last weekend.  He flew from cold Saginaw, Michigan to warm San Diego, California.


not Yankee Doodle’s actual flight

If you’ve bothered to read this far, you’re probably thinking, “so what…many people fly from Michigan to California.”  That’s true.

But most people don’t return home

—crossing a vast segment of the United States—



Dear Yankee Doodle,

If you figured out how to work your computer mini AND you have the good fortune of finding internet access AND you’ve bothered to read this inconsequential blog, please leave a comment and tell us where you are:)


3 thoughts on “Where are you, Yankee Doodle?

  1. Bianca says:

    Ha Ha…. Actually, that post was worth reading through…of course, I am family, so it certainly makes sense. Wasn’t it your Mary doll he called Gertrude? I’m not sure, but that’s funny about Circuit changing his nickname to Yankee Doodle.

    I wish Uncle Bruce the best of times on his travels back to the cold Michigan we reside in.


  2. Heather says:


    Do you actually remember Uncle Bruce calling my doll Gertrude, too? It may have been my Mary doll, but I’m almost thinking it was Rachael instead?

    The kids and I were looking at old photos recently, including ones of you and I with Buttercup and Swirls. Perhaps I should write a blogpost on old dolls and stuffed animals?

    We’re praying for your job hunt, by the way. Oh, and I just remembered that I need to send a child to the mailbox with your calendar art!

  3. Cynthia says:

    WOW! That’ll be some bike ride.

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