Presidential Word Search Puzzles



Presidential Word Search Puzzles, by John Chaneski, has been a nice addition to our history studies.  Here is a synopsis from the Barnes & Noble listing:

From George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush: these patriotic word searches introduce children to every President of the United States, plus their First Ladies, sons and daughters, and the White House. Each puzzle features words associated with that particular president’s terms, a biography, and facts about his birth place, education, family, occupation, political party, age at inauguration, campaign slogan, and more. Even the names of the presidential pets and the favorite sports and hobbies are here. So while kids work their eagle eyes trying to solve the puzzles, they’ll be learning about US history, too.

The bolded key words are especially helpful to us.  I’m asking my children to remember at least 2 facts about each president.  So, they use a highlighter to mark 2 facts from this mini-biography page.  For example, Circuit will recall that Thomas Jefferson was a SCIENTIST and also arranged for the LOUISIANA Purchase.

These word searches are easily coordinated with our TruthQuest American History curriculum. Essentially, any chronological study of American History could benefit from this book.  Best for ages 8+ (in my estimation).


One thought on “Presidential Word Search Puzzles

  1. Cynthia says:

    Sounds like a great supplement.

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