Law & Order: CCU (Computer Crime Unit)


Do you notice something odd about the images on my screen?

The Crime:

Everything is upside down!!!!!!!

The Law:

None of my children are authorized to touch my computer without permission.

Who violated Mom’s rule????



The offender left behind strong evidence pictured above.

A local suspect was swiftly taken into custody.

Now, Circuit’s scientific pursuits haven’t yet extended to DNA research, so I was forced to informally compare the evidentiary hair fur to the sample from our suspect.  Without an official DNA match, conviction appeared doubtful.

As court sessions progressed, the prosecution revealed prior evidence indicating that our suspect was, in fact, a repeat offender.



A black and white feline named Nara Oreo was found guilty of the crime of sitting upon Mom’s computer.

Nara was thoroughly scolded for her naughty behavior.

She was sentenced to 3 hours without play.


With some skillful upside-down mousing, I used GoogleChat to contact my computer-geek husband at work.  He discovered the location for that screen setting, and after some skillful upside-down reading and more upside-down mousing, I de-rotated my screen.  Whew!  Much better.

Note:  Convict photo by Button.


5 thoughts on “Law & Order: CCU (Computer Crime Unit)

  1. Cynthia says:

    LOL! Glad you found the culprit.

  2. Yankee Doodle says:

    Hello People, Just trying to be Joyful. Heading off on my adventure tomorrow and just now checking out your blog. My bike is already there in SD. Hope chicken legs and frisky are being good. Have to figure out my computer mini and my cell phone. Take Care. Yankee Doodle

  3. Jeanni says:

    That is funny… I never thought that it would be possible to get all images turned upside down and i wouldn’t have a clue on how to fix it. Glad you got it fixed. See you guys tomorrow. Kyron and I will come with Aunt Nay and Jenae but hopefully the weather will let us go to the skate park. If not we’ll find something to do.

  4. kathy says:

    Animals have a way of making life interesting. Glad to see hubby was able to help you fix it. I recently lost my hard drive and am using an older computor that has many problems but money is tight so it will work for now.

  5. Bianca says:

    Oh, that funny Nara. She needs to learn to not leave evidence behind. I think she secretly wanted to teach you a new skill in fixing your computer!

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