Redneck Geography Lesson


Wondering how it works?

Someone calls out a country name.

The student locates that country on a wall map and attempts to mark it with a dart.



Our Redneck Geography Lesson is

NOT meant to encourage military action

against ANY peoples of the world.



Although our students were wearing pajamas

during this Redneck Geography Lesson,

I must clarify that pajamas are NOT required attire for said lesson.


One final comment:

In the event that your cat

chooses to participate in your Redneck Geography Lesson,

please warn your students that pets are NOT valid countries.



2 thoughts on “Redneck Geography Lesson

  1. What a creative idea! ::snort:: This looks like fun!

  2. Cynthia says:

    That’s HILARIOUS (LOL)! I think that method just might work for our boys!

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