Under the Weather


Circuit has been plagued with illness for the past few days.

Congestion—often using his mouth to breathe:(


Dripping nose—like a leaky faucet!



Nothing severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor, yet enough to treat seriously.


For the first time since September, Circuit and Button were absent for weekly Tae Kwon Do practice. Sadly, they could not attend their final ice skating lesson, either.

Thanks to the flexibility of homeschooling, though, Circuit is not “behind” in his schoolwork.  I easily adjusted our lesson plans to accommodate his snot energy levels.


Circuit is feeling much better today, after special mama-care and extra rest. He is still somewhat congested. But acting mostly normal.

As I considered a title for this blog post, the phrase “under the weather” persisted. What does that phrase truly mean? Google produced this interesting link:


And now I know!


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