Meet the LG WM0742HGA

Our old washing machine unexpectedly retired last weekend.

DH and his dad discovered that there was no quick and easy fix to revive the old machine.  After a few days of discussion, DH and I decided that putting money into our old washing machine would be foolish.

We planned to purchase the least expensive LG model from Home Depot.  DH drove out of his way to pick up said model [that a Home Depot Team Member verified was in stock].  The Home Depot Team Member had LIED!  And when one has no working washing machine, one does not wish to hear that a new machine could be delivered in just 10 days!!!!


So, DH stopped at ABC Warehouse, a place we normally avoid like the plague.  Because the salespeople at ABC typically behave like extra-strength sticky goo.  Since we value the concept of personal space, we don’t appreciate sticky-goo salespeople.  But, DH was extraordinarily brave.  He braced himself for battle with the sticky goo.  And God blessed his courage. DH was attended by the ABC Store Manager, who happened to be a high school classmate of ours!  Thankfully, Jenni is NOT made of sticky goo.  DH explained our budget and our laundry needs.  Jenni promptly sold us a machine with twice the value for approximately the price we would have paid for the bare-bones model at Home Depot.  And DH was able to bring it home that night!

Thus, our fancy steam washer with increased capacity yet within our tax-refund budget.

Just ignore the boring old white dryer next to it.  I think Button should paint the old one to make it look fancy, too.  Don’t you?

The most important fact is that we no longer have mountains of dirty laundry.  Hurray!


5 thoughts on “Meet the LG WM0742HGA

  1. Wow this would make laundry fun! LOL

  2. Heather says:

    You’re right, De’Etta! Our children are more willing to do laundry now, too. I forgot to mention earlier that this washer even sings tunes as it starts and finishes:)

  3. Kristine says:

    Oh, now you just need a Rosie the Robot to DO the laundry! It’s gorgeous! (The washer sings??? What song?!)

  4. Heather says:

    Not sure, Kristine. Seemingly random beeps begin the cycle.

    At the end is a longer tune. Perhaps it’s just the LG theme song? I found a YouTube clip of the tune so you can hear it:)

    Note: the tune doesn’t play until approximately :40 into that clip, so you may wish to fast forward to that section.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Love the new washer. We ended up buying a new one last fall and it sure is nice.. it has 2x the capacity our old one had and it wrings so much water out of the clothes that we use our dryer for 1/2 the time it used to take to dry a smaller load.

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