Circuit is 11 years old!


For his birthday celebration, Circuit chose a meal at Pizza Hut.  Here are Circuit and Button with their beloved cousins.


Circuit received several game-type gifts—a brain teaser puzzle, Tangram Master, Serpentiles, and Test Drive Unlimited for X-box 360.


Aunt Bianca gave him a blanket for his impending Golden Retriever.  And some cash!


And Uncle Bruce’s clever idea ~ dog food:)


Button will test the dog food.  Just ask her!


In all, 13 family members gathered to celebrate Circuit’s birthday.  Only 4 are pictured here, I’m afraid.  Most of our family—including the birthday boy—prefer NOT to have their photographs taken.  Please use your imagination to “see” the other family members around the table.   Here, Circuit was being coerced into posing for a photo.


He finally turned his head, with an obstinate look.


Here, Dad held Circuit’s glasses up so that I could attempt another “usable” snapshot.  I think Circuit was trying to zap me with that fidget toy in his hand.


Circuit immediately readjusted his glasses down further on his nose.  Sigh.

For dessert, Grandma baked a delicious strawberry cake, and Aunt Nay brought yummy brownies.  As the photo I furtively snapped of the bakers was unflattering, you’ll again need to use your imagination:)

Thank you to all who shared in our celebration!



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