Weekly Menu ~ January 26, 2009




b: Arrowhead Sweetened Shredded Wheat Cereal

(Circuit is glad we found his favorite cereal on sale!)

l: Double Stacks from Wendy’s )

s: 4:00 / Pasta Sausage Bake courtesy of Annie @ It’s My Life



b: Waffles courtesy of Tammy’s Recipes

l: leftovers

s: 3:00 / baked potatoes / Chicken Fingers

p: marinate pork



b: cold cereal

l: leftovers

s: 5:00 / Asian Pork Tenderloin / steamed rice & veggies



b: toast

l: leftovers or turkey tortillas

s: 4:00 / Nachos Supreme

p: mix and bake Coffee Cake Loaf



b: Coffee Cake Loaf

l: leftovers

s: 3:30 / Orange Chicken (bscb) / steamed rice



b: Coffee Cake Loaf

l: leftovers

s: 4:30 / Rachael Ray’s Red Potatoes & Thyme / Big Game Snackers



b: a new Feingold-approved discovery: Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries ~ Frosted Cherry Pomegran

l: Amy’s Organic Alphabet Soup (includes vegetables) / saltines

s: 4:30 / Lit’l Smokies Hoppin’ John / cornbread


Oops Meal

grilled cheese sandwiches / Amy’s Cream of Tomato Soup / saltines


Available Snacks


honey-roasted peanuts

air-popped popcorn


graham crackers


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