Even in her nightgown, Button achieved 100% on her math lesson.  I was shocked that she voluntarily started her math around 8 am.  This is shocking for two reasons.  1:  Math is Button’s least favorite subject.  2: We don’t typically start school until 9 or so.  Why would Button behave so uncharacteristically?  She wanted to finish school as soon as possible so she could play a new Nintendo DS game:)


Circuit was easing into the day by reading an amateur radio manual.  That is actually common behavior for our boy:)



One thought on “Motivation

  1. Kristine says:

    Hah, these are classic hs photos too!

    (Eek, WordPress is telling me that I’m posting comments too quickly. I read the posts, open the comment box in a new page, and continue reading–then go comment bangbangbang, one right after the other!)

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