Lord, You can stop the snow anytime now!

As I post this, we’re experiencing yet another evening of snow here in Michigan. I’ve fallen behind in posting recently, but I must record a few more snow pictures from the past several weeks.


Here is a radar image from Weather.com on December 19th. We live somewhere in the middle of that massive blue blob. The lower peninsula of Michigan was almost entirely covered with a huge snowstorm.

This snowstorm hit while DH was at work.  I was expecting a phone call to report that the car was stuck on his way home.  Shockingly, his little Ford Focus made it through!  Through 1 1/2 miles of unplowed dirt roads.  And through our clogged driveway.


Snow drifts horribly right near our garage.  Those last few yards were quite challenging.  DH repeatedly backed up and charged forward to push through to the garage.  [Because to use the shovel would not have been manly, of course!]  He said he could see the Ford emblem imprinted into the snow drift each time he reversed.  But he was victorious.  So glad I allocated money in the budget for snow tires this fall!

BTW, the 4×4 truck you see in the background was slated to be DH’s bad-weather vehicle.  But it supposedly requires a new water pump before DH can rely upon it:(


This photo displays my Expedition stuck in a huge snowdrift on December 21st. DH was attempting to take Button to a birthday party and sleepover. Didn’t make it.  The snow was drifted so high that DH & Button couldn’t get the driver-side doors open.

Even 4x4s aren’t invincible:(

12.19.08 & 12.21.08


3 thoughts on “Lord, You can stop the snow anytime now!

  1. My daughter, Krista, home in Spokane texted me the same sentiment this a.m. enough already – can we pray it stops snowing. LOL

  2. Cynthia says:

    We haven’t had that much snow, but one day we had drifts tall enough to go above the bottom of our back door! Dh spent 2 days plowing out all of our neighbors….

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of snow!

    I love your blog!

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