Merry Christmas and a natural hot cocoa mix


I hope that all of my blog readers enjoyed a pleasant Christmas day.  I’ll post pics of our family gatherings soon.  But here is a recipe I promised to share with some of my family.  Thought I might as well share it here.

Mix together:

2 C     powdered sugar

2 C     powdered milk [we used Sanalac Nonfat Dry Milk]

1 C     unsweetened cocoa [we used Hershey]

1 C     mini chocolate chips [we used regularly-sized, semi-sweet Ghirardelli]

To prepare your soothing beverage, fill mug halfway with mix and top with boiling water.  Be patient for a few minutes to avoid burning your tongue.  Then, enjoy:)

Recipe from Leanne Ely of  This recipe was distributed through the FlyLadyMentors Yahoo Group.  You can join that group for home-keeping encouragement, tips, and yummy recipes such as this.


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