What was the Christmas Star?


Yet another field trip!  A few weeks ago we drove to the Delta College Planetarium in Bay City, Michigan.  With a group of other homeschooling families, we attended a program entitled The Christmas Star.

Was there really a “Star of Bethlehem?”  Can it be explained by a natural occurrence like a comet or exploding star, or do we still not know the truth 2000 years later?

What a pleasant surprise to experience a planetarium show which recognized the Lord!  In case you might have a chance to visit this show in the future, I won’t spoil it.  You must visit the planetarium if you want to learn more about the Christmas star.  Or, you could ask Circuit and Button.  They might tell you:)



Photography was not allowed during the presentation, but I quickly snapped these as the lights were dimming.  Our children were attentive through the whole program.  My only complaint was a nasty strobe light in the dome entryway that gave me a doozy of a headache.  [I truly thank God for the person who formulated Aleve tablets and helped me to recover from said strobe-light-headache.]


The planetarium conference room ceiling featured this vibrant flag display.  The flags represent nations that have participated in space exploration.


Afterward, we couldn’t resist driving over to Lake Huron.  I referred to our handy-dandy atlas and just drove east.  The best I could do on our impromptu whim was this view between two lakeshore homes.  Interesting to see, but I much prefer the Great Lakes in summer!


3 thoughts on “What was the Christmas Star?

  1. Cynthia says:

    Some day we MUST head up your direction. FUN field trips and we’d love to see the Great Lakes sometime.

  2. Cynthia says:

    one more thing about traveling up your direction… the reason we haven’t gone yet is because we have to vacation in the winter and by the looks of the picture you included here I’m suddenly remembering why we haven’t gone that direction before (LOL).

  3. Kristine says:

    Lovely selection of photos, Heather!

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