Hurray for Natural Candy Canes


Last year we searched high and low for natural candy canes.  None were to be found within the 60-mile radius we hunted.  New to the Feingold program, we had no idea that natural candy canes were so elusive.

So, this year I planned ahead.  In November, I placed an order with The Squirrel’s Nest, a natural candy store in Delaware.  I purchased other all-natural treats as well, but I cannot yet post photographs of those.  Our children have been warned not to use the blow-dryer near their stockings.  That’s all I’m saying for now.

If you’re interested in ordering natural sweets, please visit the link above.  Their Christmas items have been sold out for this season, however you can plan ahead to order treats for next year.  In addition to Feingold-acceptable gum and fruit-flavored candy, The Squirrel’s Nest offers delicious treats to correspond with many seasons throughout the year.  No, I’m not being paid for these comments.  My children just jump for joy over these sweets!!!  [Don’t tell the children:  I can also verify the treats’ yumminess, as I was obligated to “test” at least some of the candy before it was approved to enter their stockings.]


One thought on “Hurray for Natural Candy Canes

  1. Cynthia says:

    I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to try to find special treats like this that are on the approved list. GOOD JOB for tracking them down.!

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