Weekly Menu ~ November 17, 2008


Hmmm.  I ignored part of last week’s menu—especially the baking portions.  We had an enormously busy week (according to our typically quiet standards):  gymnastics on Monday, my all-day library training on Tuesday, tae-kwon-do also on Tuesday, book club on Thursday, science fair on Friday, DH’s hunting on the weekend, etc.  So much for the myth of the unsocialized homeschooler!

Anyway, some of last week’s menu has been carried over to this week.  Please forgive the boring-ness.  And this week will be overtaken by cooking at least 50 meals ahead using fresh venison.  Our freezer should be fully stocked by the end of the week.


p: bake banana muffins

b: cold cereal

l: hot dogs / cauliflower with ranch dressing / pear slices

s: 11:00 / Shredded Onion Mushroom Venison (crock pot) over noodles / salad


p: bake snickerdoodles & Hamburger / Hotdog Buns [using bread machine]

b: banana muffins

l: 9:00 / Scalloped Potatoes with Ham / pineapple

s: 3:30 / Pork Tenderloin / Fried Okra / snickerdoodles


p: much venison freezer-cooking / mix frosting and bake cake

b: leftover banana muffins

l: leftover Shredded Onion Mushroom Venison (crock pot) over noodles / peaches

s: 3:30 / grilled venison burgers or hot dogs / Roasted Garlic & Onion Potatoes


p: much venison freezer-cooking

b: cold cereal

l: pbj / pears

s: Lazy Day Lasagna (venison) / 4:30 -> Cheddar Bay Biscuits (yum—taste just like Red Lobster biscuits)


p: much venison freezer-cooking

b: cold cereal or toast

l: leftover lasagna

s: 3:30 / Orange Chicken / steamed rice


p: mix and bake Coffee Cake Loaf

b: oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon

l: leftover grilled hot dogs or venison burgers

s: 9:00 / Crock Pot Taco [Venison] Soup (use only half the beans) served with sour cream & tortilla chips

(take the soup to supper party with Mexican theme)

Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar???? for children who are eating with grandparents?


b: Coffee Cake Loaf

l: leftover Orange Chicken / steamed rice

s: Olive Garden’s Alfredo Sauce over pasta


p: thaw chicken tenders

b: Coffee Cake Loaf

l: pbj / pears

s: 3:30 / Chicken Manicotti (tenders)

Available Snacks


Kashi cheddar crackers

air-popped popcorn

animal crackers


rice cakes with peanut butter

graham crackers

homemade juice popsicles (forgotten in the freezer ~ will the children actually eat these when it’s only 40* outside???)


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