Our Resident BrickMaster


With 4-H money he earned at the fair this summer, Circuit purchased a Lego BrickMaster subscription.  Here is the latest exclusive BrickMaster set.  It’s a Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank.

With the shipment came an additional blessing.  Mom heard these amazing words:  “I really like my Lego Brickmaster subscription.  Thank you for ordering it for me.” s


Of course, those bricks didn’t stay formed into a Clone Turbo Tank for long.  Circuit used some of those pieces with a few of his others and created this Dirt Racer.

With this post, I must include a special thank you to several homeschooled boys (and their mothers) who answered our inquiries about their Lego Brickmaster subscription experience.  After 4 positive recommendations, Circuit was assured that he’d spend his money wisely.


One thought on “Our Resident BrickMaster

  1. Cynthia says:

    Interesting. I just heard about the Brickmaster subscription earlier this week and now I read about it here as well. I guess I better look into it!

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