Math Bath


Circuit was working diligently on his math when Nara decided to participate.


She plopped down on his notebook and began bathing.  Button announced that Nara was having a “math bath.”

I think I’ll rave about our math program, too, since it’s displayed in these photographs:)

Both Circuit and Button (and Mom!) have been enjoying Teaching Textbooks math (via computer program) this year.  Each day our students listen to and view a lesson.  Then they are given ~30 problems to practice the lesson concepts.  Answers are typed into the computer.  For lengthy problems they use a notebook, and then enter their answers into the computer.  The immediate feedback is extraordinary!  For each incorrect answer, they are able to view the solution.  What a blessing!

We also have a spiral-bound paper copy of the lessons and problems.  If the children are “stuck” on a problem, I can easily glance at the manual and assist them.  The 5th and 6th grade programs have built-in gradebooks.  Scores are automatically calculated and recorded.  Hurray!

I’ve always done well with math, but it’s certainly not my favorite subject.  The Teaching Textbooks system frees me to spend more time teaching the history and language arts that I prefer.

In case you were wondering, I receive no compensation for this glowing endorsement of Teaching Textbooks.  I was just in the mood, today, to share our good fortune in the math world.


2 thoughts on “Math Bath

  1. Cynthia says:

    I’ve heard great things about that particular math program.

  2. Kristine says:

    These are the things I worry about missing when I don’t keep up with blogs! (Although I just began “following” some via google reader, yours included.)

    I’m SO glad you posted this, Heather. I am leaning towards it next year for Holly (when she completes Singapore…I know, she’s in 8th grade and working on Sing. 6, but I’m more concerned with mastery than level, and it’s working).

    Thanks for posting about how it’s working for BOTH of your kids!

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