Weekly Menu ~ October 20, 2008

Have you been less than inspired with your current menu planning (or lack thereof)?  I recently stumbled upon orgjunkie.com, a blog where a mom named Laura unites world-wide moms for the purpose of menu-planning inspiration.  It has taken a great deal of courage to link my mostly private blog with orgjunkie’s very public one:)  Bear with me.  For the past several months, I’ve been preparing a pseudo-menu on separate blog pages, but have been quite dissatisfied with those previous efforts.  Too disjointed.  Trying a new thing here.  It may be too structured for me.  We’ll see how it goes this week.


In case you can’t read my mind, I’ve defined the following shorthand:

p = prepare ahead

b = breakfast

l = lunch

s = supper

yoyo = you’re on your own


Oh–I’m notorious for avoiding inadvertently delaying supper preparations, so the digits accompanying the s: indicate the time that I should begin fixing supper rather than lesson-planning, reading, or web-surfing.  Unfortunately.  I truly believe that my career as home educator should necessitate the hiring of a housekeeper and cook!!!  As that hasn’t yet occurred, dear family, please be patient.


b: leftover pancakes for the blessed child who dawdled not / cold cereal or toast for others

l: leftover Orange Chicken & rice for parents / yoyo sandwiches for children

s: 12:00 / Crock Pot [Venison] Lasagna



b: cold cereal / toast

l: Daddy-chili fundraiser @ work / rest of family-Whoppers @ Burger King

s: 3:00 / grilled T-bone steak with onion and mushrooms for Daddy / grilled hot dogs for rest of family / baked potatoes / peanut butter pie / Daddy’s birthday cake / ice cream / Magic Shell



p: marinate pork, thaw chicken for tomorrow

b: banana muffins

l: leftover lasagna for Daddy & Button / ??? for Mom & Circuit

s: 4:30 / Grilled Lemon Garlic Pork (Saving Dinner Body Clutter Menu Mailer Sample) / leftover baked potatoes / leftover peanut butter pie



b: leftover banana muffins

l: yoyo sandwiches/ cauliflower or broccoli with ranch dip

s: 4:00 / Chicken Fingers / salad / strawberry shortcake



b: oatmeal

l: chicken noodle soup / saltines

s: out–Subway for children / Chinese for parents



p: bake Coffee Cake Loaf, thaw venison burger patties & pound of ground venison

b: toast / cold cereal

l: leftovers

s: 5:00 / Chicken Cheese Quesadillas / leftover strawberry shortcake



p: thaw okra, boil eggs, mix taco and ranch seasonings

b: Coffee Cake Loaf

l: Creamy Pasta Alfredo / salad with mushrooms and olives

s: 4:00 / venison burgers / Fried Okra / Berry Cobbler


Available Snacks

air-popped popcorn

boiled eggs

mozzarella cheese sticks

animal crackers

apples w/ caramel dip

rice cakes with peanut butter

graham crackers

homemade juice popsicles (forgotten in the freezer ~ will the children actually eat these when it’s only 50*???)


3 thoughts on “Weekly Menu ~ October 20, 2008

  1. Cynthia says:

    I’m impressed. That’s quite an outline.

  2. Heather says:

    Don’t be too impressed, Cynthia. It’s an outline that I’ve already violated this morning. Homemade muffins didn’t quite happen:) There’s always tomorrow!

  3. Cynthia says:

    LOL! Well.. the outline looked great! Me… I spend so much time creating spreadsheets, schedules, outlines, etc., that I sometimes never get around to the actual doing (LOL).

    Yep.. aren’t you glad tomorrow always brings a fresh new day!

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